‘stimulates people to develop’


The strength of any organisation lies in its capacity to enable its people to fulfil their potential. Building effective diverse teams - the paradox of cohesiveness formed from different perspectives and values- leads to enhanced performance. It unleashes joy in the process, an important catalyst for further growth.

Today's working environment is continuously in a state of flux. This requires flexibility, creativity, focus and responsibility from people, a combination that stimulates agility on one hand, but creates tensions on the other. Tapping into the breadth of an organisation's talent pool is key to dealing with these multi-layered demands - and ultimately creates opportunities for growth. 

Developing a collaborative team culture is an exciting venture, first identifying talents, then empowering people to act. Like any journey of discovery, it takes energy and courage, but also involves uncertainty and ambiguity. Dealing with these unknowns is part of creating a growth culture. You can see it as a two-stage process: exploring talent and devising strategies to put talents to effective use. A valuable process for every organisation and management team.

Working together in this kind of explorative way brings out the best in everyone. It builds team unity, reinforces engagement and ensures loyalty.

Cultivating and facilitating growth is a balancing act for any leader, manager or entrepreneur - a balancing act between people and tasks, and between thought and action. There will be teething troubles along the way, eventually leading to the ultimate outcome: greater flexibility and innovation, and - above all - greater enjoyment. The elements needed for success - both now and in the future.

Zeevenhooven Advies can support you on your growth journey.

Growing your organisation by letting your people grow.

We're up for joining you in the challenge.



Monique van der Borg

Head of Legal Office
Arnhem-Leeuwarden Court of Appeals, Public Prosecution Office
Netherlands Public Prosecution Service

I work as Chief Public Prosecutor, heading the legal department at one of the four courts of appeal within the national Public Prosecution Office - a demanding job with considerable responsibility within a field traditionally dominated by men. Following a reorganisation at the end of last year, I came into contact with Huib when we were taking part in a series of coaching and internal review sessions.



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Bart Janssen

HR Director
Facilicom Group, Belgium

I first came into contact with Huib when I was HR Director of Facilicom. It was during a High Potential training programme and Huib was responsible for individual coaching sessions. Right from the start, Huib created an atmosphere of trust where I felt at ease. This surprised me, as I am usually on my guard during initial encounters.

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CEO and major shareholder

Family-Owned SME

I work in a medium-sized family business, and a few years ago I succeeded my father as CEO and company owner. Running a business isn't something you're equipped to do overnight just because you've signed some legal papers and have been given the title. It's a complex transformational process. For the father it takes time to learn how to let go and the son needs to adjust to the new role.

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The consultancy Zeevenhooven Advies is headed and run by Huib Zeevenhooven. Huib has developed a network of like-minded professionals to support him in coaching and professional development programmes.

Huib's interests lie in the dynamics of growth. He believes in the power of compassion to drive connection. His intuitive and associative approach helps him get straight to the heart of the matter and analyse potential opportunities for growth.

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About Huib

Huib is an associative thinker with authentic self-expression. His combination of experience, background and lifestyle makes him an ideal coach and adviser to executives and management teams. He starts by laying a foundation of connection and trust, so participants are willing to partake in his somewhat confrontational approach as he holds up a non-judgemental mirror to his coachee. 

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