Huib Zeevenhooven

Huib is an associative thinker with authentic self-expression. His combination of experience, background and lifestyle makes him an ideal coach and adviser to executives and management teams. He starts by laying a foundation of connection and trust, so participants are willing to partake in his somewhat confrontational approach as he holds up a non-judgemental mirror to his coachee. 

Huib is particularly skilful when it comes to both identifying dysfunctional processes and illustrating their effect. He can quickly pinpoint what works and where there is room for improvement, including the biggest 'pain points' that are holding the coachee back.

Candid and open, yet sensitive and respectful, Huib has developed an alert eye for underlying patterns in behaviour, so getting to the essence and facilitating self-reflection and insightful self-discovery. A process that acts as a catalyst for change, and where the benefits and returns are effective and tangible. Whether as coach, facilitator, or discussion partner through change processes, his sessions make for an inspiring experience.

The fragile balance between lift and gravitational weight, a principle of flight that allows the heaviest of masses to be carried in the air, holds a fascination for Huib. His experience of paragliding affirmed for him the wonder of this law of nature. The shifting balance between lift and gravity can be found throughout the natural world - Huib himself is an avid nature lover - and in all life's dimensions.

In a similar vein, the search for balance is an integral part of Huib's facilitation and coaching. Not that the ultimate goal is perfect balance: some degree of imbalance is inevitable in life to enable growth and make life dynamic. The challenge lies in managing this imbalance. To this end, Huib can be your guide.


Huib Zeevenhooven